Tekeer portable MP3 player with music recorder (DMP666+)

Best MP3 player for person who hate computers: record the music from DVD player, TV, digital radio or any source with Audio out, no need to download from the computer! But download / upload music to and from computer is also very easy, no driver installation required for Windows ME, 2000, and XP, driver for Windows 98 is included in the CD-ROM, and the MP3 player will be recognised as an external hard drive and a drive letter ( like F: ) will be assigned automatically. Then you can freely drag and drop any files (including MP3 files) to the MP3 player, or delete any files in it without any special software as with other MP3 players.

*64 MB £39.98( £46.98 inc VAT) ( in stock)
* This unit actually comes with 128 MB internal flash memory, but the manufacturer have used the wrong MP3 control chip, which make it unable to play any MP3 files stored after the first 64 MB, hence sold at 64 MB price, but you can still use it as a 128 MB portable hard drive.
+128 MB Smart Media card £29.98 (inc VAT)
+64 MB Smart Media card £18.98 (inc VAT)

Main Features:

  • MP3 play back;
  • LCD track info display, ( LCD can be in round or square share )
  • Unique line-in music recording function, record music from DVD players, digital TVs, CD players and any source with standard Audio output (please see the images of record cables );
  • Built-in 64 / 128 MB flash memory ( expandable with Smart media card );
  • Repeat / Shuffle function, can repeat or play files in random;
  • A - B repeater, learn your pop music easy and fast;
  • Integrated microphone;
  • Integrated Smart Media card slot, expand the memory easily and economically;
  • No need to install driver for Windows ME, 2000, and XP, driver installation is very simple under Window 98;
  • Record audio file in ADPCM format (WAV) which reduce the file size dramatically;
  • Three different color of facia: Silver, Orange, and blue ( ship in random );
  • Compact size: 68×68×19 mm ( half palm size, the above image is 110% of the actual size );
  • Use one AA battery (one alkaline battery last about 4 hours);

Accessories included

  • User Manual
  • D river in CD-ROM;
  • USB A-B cable;
  • Ear phone;
  • Record cable ( audio )

System Requirement:

If you want to download / upload file from computer or use these MP3 player as an external data storage device, then please make sure your computer meets the following minimum requirement:

  1. Operation system: Windows 98, 98 se, ME, 2000, & XP;
  2. Pentium MMX 200 or above;
  3. USB port and CD-ROM drive;
  4. Minimum 15 MB free hard drive space & 32 MB RAM

Warranty / Support:

All MP3 players carry one year warranty, return to base. If you are not satisfied in any way, please return in intact condition in 7 days, we will refund you in full ( postage is non refundable).

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