What makes Sonken MP3 player special?

sonken multifunctional mp3 playerSonken MP3 player is a multifunctional portable MP3 player, it combines 5 popular functions: MP3 player, Digital Voice Recorder ( DVR ), FM radio, USB external data storage, A-B repeater into one highly portable machine, weight only 55 gram. In addition, Sonken MP3 player also has a Smartmedia card slot, which enable the consumer to upgrade memory conveniently and economically.

This portable MP3 player are available in three different colors: silver, dream blue and ruby red. Pick the color you want freely.

The builtin memory of this portable MP3 player is flash memory ( 64 / 128 MB), which make this device much more vibration resistant then other hard drive based MP3 player such as Archos Jukbox. You can still enjoy the MP3 music even when you are doing exercise.

The Sonken MP3 player is extreme portable, it is very compact: only the size of a name card, and very light: only 55 grams, adding the fact that this MP3 player is also a FM radio and digital voice recorder, it really save a lot of space and weight for travellers.

Current model of Sonken MP3 player

The current model of Sonken MP3 player is M31. All the functions and features mentioned in this page refers to this model only. U30 will be available from end of June, which will have more powerful functions such as support WMA files, 30 hrs batterty lifespan, and driverless for Windows ME, 2000 and XP!


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Sonken M31 MP3 player review

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