Aigo DSY WMA MP3 player / encoder with FM

Aigo DSY is the most powerful MP3 player in UK. It supports both WMA and MP3 file formate; it has built-in FM stereo radio; it can directly record voice and the internal FM radio into MPe files (MP3 encoder), it can even record telephone calls (connection adapter included); furthermore it's memory can also be expanded easily with SD / MMC, the maximum total memory can be as high as 512 MB.

DSY 128 MB £42.54 ( £49.98 inc VAT) (in stock)
  • The first MP3 player can directly record FM radio into MP3 files (MP3 encoder)
  • Unique thread control function: play / stop / resume, Previous/Next, Increase/Reduce volume can all be controlled with the compact block in the headphone!
  • The first MP3 player that has self-restore function
  • FM radio function: resetting 10 FM channels
  • Extendable memory: add up to 256 MB SD / MMC
  • Voice recorder model:converting recording; FM recording; High and low level recording.
  • Intellegent telephone recording function, auto-wakup when phone rings
  • Voice recorder time:18/36 hours for 128/256 MB(within 15 meters)
  • Recording sampling rate:16khz by micro (ADPCM file format), 44.1khz by converting and FM recording (MP3 file formate)
  • Driverfree connection to PC ( except Windows 98) via USB
  • Can be used as an external hard drive ( pendrive ) for data storage
  • Compact design, only match box size
  • Extra long battery life

Accessories included

  • Stereo earphone,
  • Driver CD-ROM (for Windows 98)
  • Neck strap headphone
  • User's manual
  • USB extension cable.

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